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Being Can’t Be Remembered

Being Can’t Be Remembered

How could Being not always have been?

How could Being not always be?

Look back at the most meaningful moments of life

Pervaded by the empty shell of memory, empty shell of images and sensations. These are

mere imaginings  of what was, traces of images whether protected, relished, or feared.

What are these without invisible flashing thoughts? Gone with the vanishing of the flashing.

NOW, overwhelming actuality of being present, the feeling, the aliveness of Being.

Why isn’t it remembered in our most memorable moments?

Perhaps because it didn’t arrive or pass away?

For what never appeared or vanished can’t be remembered. It can only be lived.

Endlessly whirling on the hypnotic periphery,

we ignore the wholeness of the ever present center.

The feeling of Being, the immutable ground of Self

isn’t in the periphery that is time.

The reverse is true.

The feeling of Being is time. Time, every moment of our lives,

is made out of, is embraced and loved by This.