Deep Prayer

In his book Whispers From Eternity, Paramahansa Yogananda offers the following deep prayer.

“My eyes are enthralled, O Father, with the beauty of earthly flowers, with life’s passing scenes, and with the sailing, silent clouds. Everywhere, all I see hints at Your hidden presence. Open that eye in me which sees only You. With that gaze may I behold You above, beneath, all around, within, and outside me. Teach me in all things to see only You. Open in me that eye which beholds everywhere Your hidden but ever subtly reigning wonder.”

With this prayer, Yogananda is inviting us to open ourselves up to the spirit of our true identity, to ask for what we really want more than anything else. Deep within our very being, going beyond anything we can think of, or self consciously long for, is the revelation of imperturbable peace and love. We will all find different words to try and express this, to express what can only be hinted at with words. For me this prayer is expressing the depth of divine love and compassion. It is an inspiration to ask from the depths of our being to be given what we really need to awaken from the dream of duality, to awaken from the confines of our personal identity, and to open to the boundless silence of our actual being that we share with all beings.

When we’re willing to open ourselves to the entire universe, to be willing to actually die to our sense of being separate, the deepest layers of our resistance to this death will be revealed. Our deepest desires for preserving our sense of personal identity, and fears of losing control will be on display, and we will intuitively know we’re receiving exactly what we’ve asked for. We know, because in the midst of deep pain, revealing itself as the suffering of clinging to personal identity, the support necessary to allow clinging to dissolve is simultaneously revealed. We can begin to absorb and embody the spirit of a line from Rumi’s poem Love Dogs, “The grief you cry out from is itself the connection.” The vast mysterious power behind all creation unconditionally accepts all of our experience while revealing all experience actually is one with it. The loving welcoming and simultaneous dissolving of differentiation is revealed as what we really are.

This is a gradual process for almost all of us, even the greatest awakenings are only meant for the moment we experience them. There is always the sense that there is more to be revealed, and the eye revealing creation’s hidden reigning wonder will open more and more, the more we’re willing to surrender.  Yogananda expresses the deep wisdom of a lifetime of the deepest commitment to receiving and giving God’s love in the movie Awake, which is the story of spreading his teaching in America in the 20th century.

“This earth is nothing but movies to me. Just like the beam of a motion picture; so is everything made of shadows and light. That’s what we are, light and shadows of the Lord, nothing more than that. There’s one purpose, to realize the beam is you.”

5 Responses to Deep Prayer

  1. piro papa May 20, 2016 at 12:21 pm #

    Hello Roger what a beautiful blog to start the day with all those beautiful prayers have one word incommen THANKS.Aweking to the Love that keeps us together and to God that envelopes us wich is nothing but infinite Love one thing flows from our hearts praying with humbleness and being thankful and blessed that we can see and shouting the cry of our heart through eternity.

    LOVE and LIGHT

  2. Shirley May 20, 2016 at 2:33 pm #

    This was beautifully written! I added Awake to my ‘movies to watch’ list.

  3. Roger Hawkins May 21, 2016 at 10:38 am #


    Awakening to the light reveals the deep loving and affectionate relationship between us and creation
    that has always been here!

  4. Shokai May 22, 2016 at 10:05 am #

    I love Yogananda! Thanks for sharing his light with us. I took the SRF correspondence course many years ago and went to his center in CA once when I was there on vacation. Thanks for reminding me once again of who and what I am. I am bleesed to have you in my life once again. Your dedicated student…Shokai

  5. Roger Hawkins May 22, 2016 at 2:03 pm #

    I feel blessed the same way Kathy. Thanks so much for your continued support and deep wisdom.
    You’re definitely a bright light for others fortunate enough to know you.

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