Opening to the Light

When we contemplate the energy of our thoughts streaming by, we can sense it expressing our awareness of being alive. Thought is always expressing our aliveness regardless of what content it contains, regardless of what we’re thinking about. I’ve found an important question for me in my spiritual inquiry is wondering if the energy of thought is separate from the energy of hearing, feeling, or seeing? The energy of our life force does express itself in these four different ways. But our life force, the energy of our awareness of being here and now, doesn’t separate itself into different parts. It only appears to when we cling to the idea of separation. Free of the idea of separation, separation simply can’t be found.

We can also use the analogy of the ocean and its waves to describe the interpenetration of our sensory experience. Thinking, seeing, hearing, and feeling are different waves on the sea of our awareness. But they are all equally wet. They are all expressions of the same spirit, and free gifts from spirit to our human lives. They can be used to discover the boundless silent power of freedom and love in the depths of our being. Usually our human life is full of restless wanderings wanting to secure self centered pleasures and avoid suffering by being a big important wave. We jump from wave to wave hoping to find lasting happiness and meaning in our lives. But the biggest tidal wave is no more wet than the smallest ripple on the ocean.

We will finally tire of the ceaseless crashes on the shore, and the endless search for the salvation of our personal identity, we will eventually lose interest in wave hopping. We’ll be ready to ask who or what is it that actually fuels our constant yearning? We begin to seriously lose interest in our imaginary story of how life should or shouldn’t be for us to be happy.

Contemplative practice is essential for almost everyone in helping us to realize we can’t find meaning in our life through the thinking mind alone. Contemplative witnessing reveals the open nature of our consciousness that expresses the life of spirit through all of our experience. We can begin to intuitively sense the interpenetration of our sensory experience, like feeling the sound of a nearby train flowing by , or feeling a blissful sensation vibrating inside us with the serene call of a bird. Normally we need a forceful intensification of sound before we notice this. For example when your teenager plays their music so loud that it actually hurts your ears! And if we’re open to looking deeply, even people whose primary way of processing information isn’t visualization, will see visual traces of sounds and feelings, as well as thoughts.

When we’re witnessing our experience of being a separate self, that sense of separateness becomes our object of observation. Allowing thought energy to merge and mingle with our energy of hearing, seeing, and feeling, develops our intuition of sensing our true source. This is letting go of what we think we are. This is allowing our conceptual identity to dissolve into the light that actually animates our life, and is always shining through our experience. We realize this more and more as our personal identity surrenders its demands on the ongoing stream of our experience.

If we earnestly and continually witness of our efforts at control, our separate identity begins to be felt and seen as transparent to the invisible light that makes all of our experience possible. That spark that drives us to question, to deeply inquire about the actual nature of our human aliveness is all we need to realize what we truly are. The spark of truth can’t be grasped, it looks bright and feels warm, sometimes very hot. It is the light of divine presence warmly welcoming us. The spark is guiding us, and at some point we’re finally ready to allow ourselves to be guided from within.

It can be compared to a burning stick of incense. The fire is our spirit of inquiry. The stick is our attachments to our personal mind and body, that are being burned away by the fire of truth. The smoke is like the mind trying to make sense of what’s happening. There is simply no way to conceptually understand how and why we are being guided. Our intuitive sense of the divine presence develops as we allow it to reveal itself animating us right here and now. Realizing our true nature, realizing the way things actually are, we simply are what we realize.

Ask for the light to reveal itself, and allow spirit to choose how to manifest to you. Infinite love can choose what’s best for you much better than you can. We all need to be become aware of how we are still resisting divine presence. ¬†Allowing our resistance into our full awareness, we can then offer it to the light, where it is always being absorbed and transformed. Liberation is realizing our wetness, our timeless and spaceless drenching with the undefinable substance of spirit, the life force of all existence.

We can describe this as a shift of awareness, but on a deeper level it’s also a shift of identity. We’re shifting from identifying with the confines of an imagined separate being, to the infinitely vast awareness that is our true body, our true identity. The invitation is always here to allow the shift, we’re always loved and welcomed. Realizing we’re always unconditionally loved and welcomed, we can actually learn to love and welcome life unconditionally.

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  1. Piro Papa August 10, 2015 at 2:07 pm #

    Very well said Roger from all your writings a sensation comes to me that your waters are cristal clear.
    Love and Light

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