Right View

Right View

The first tenet of Buddha’s eightfold path leading to the end of suffering is Right View. Thich Nhat Hanh’s first mindfulness training is titled Openness. Both of these great teachers begin their map of how human beings can be liberated from suffering, and the illusion of being a separate self, with pointers to the fundamental nature of reality. Right view isn’t something for us to study exclusively with the mind. Buddha is referring to the actual embodied experience of life when we are open to seeing things as they actually are. The fundamental nature of things as they are is open. Have you ever considered the wondrous nature of infinite space? How can it be that no matter how many trillions and trillions of miles we could travel, we would still be surrounded by the same infinite, boundless, open space? And how could this not be the way things actually are? Whatever limitations we try to impose on space with our thoughts, at some point we can’t help but recognize their utter futility. There could always be something behind the thoughts. For infinite space, infinite consciousness, is what actually gives rise to our thoughts. The same incomprehensible reality is also true for time. No matter how many aeons we could travel into the past or future, there would still be the same infinitely expanding possibility of a limitless past and future.

This incomprehensible reality is always here. Being reality, how could it not be here? Being reality, how could it not be what has always been here, unchangeable in essence, in every single moment of our lives? What is it that has always been exactly the same at every moment? No labels capture it. The closest I seem to come is to say that it’s simply the awareness of being present. Have we ever actually been anything other than the awareness of being present? When we say I am present, what is the I other than an idea floating by as an expression of the awareness of being present? Right view is realizing that we are always the awareness of being present. When we realize this as our true identity, we also realize it is the true identity of all beings. So Right View is the view of our inter being with all beings.

We can have many intellectual insights about how we aren’t separate beings. But when the chips are down, and our deep rooted sene of separateness is threatened, we discover that on those levels of our being, we DO still believe we’re separate. This is the attachment to our personal views. The personal views aren’t the problem, but our attachment to them bind us. And they blind us, preventing us from seeing everything, including our ideas of our self, as they really are.

So when we are confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstructions, we need to first reflect back on the fundamental condition of reality itself. With the awareness of openness, we can begin to become aware of the confining nature of our attachment to our personal views. We can sit down in front of the obstructions, welcome their presence and begin to realize that they aren’t what we think they are. We can allow them to change as all things always do. We become more willing to view them from the perspective of openness, as not bound by our ideas about them. They are, like we are, expressions of the vast openness of reality. Snares and traps spring open when we’re willing to not offer them anything to resist.

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  1. Piro Papa July 7, 2015 at 9:02 pm #

    Hello brother thank you for your beautiful blog.
    The two sides of our existence are the Normal and the Natural, the second is the expression of interest and inspiration or though you are writing thoughts to me it is an infinite song with beautiful notes and tones as we experience new realities we expressed in sacred songs for the creator and the creation songs that go beyond our perception of efection, and all those are inspired by the Normal the mystery that we always be the infinite tranquility wich gives to our nature infinite possibility to experience it self and express it in sacred songs that we call writing.
    It is like a drop of water that jumped out of the ocean having a form to bend the light freshing the air saying it’s story as experienced before going back to the ocean to jump out again in another dwell.

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