In Emptiness Dancing, Adyashanti tells us that “Openness has no location. It seems to be everywhere. It has room for anything. There can be thought or no thought. There can be feeling or no feeling. There can be sounds. There can be silence. Nothing disturbs openness.” Openness here is the boundless spaciousness of our true nature—our awareness, our identity.
As we continue to deeply question who we really are, we discover it is impossible to confine the awareness of ‘I am’. We deepen our ability to relax into the vast spaciousness of our true nature, and no longer identify as strongly with the ceaseless activity of our mind. If we are willing to look straight into the eyes of our thinking, we experience thought as just another movement of energy, like feeling confused or hearing a sonata or seeing a bright light.
Gradually we discover thinking mind is not only an endless succession of energy impulses, but awareness. We cannot locate it in space or time; it does not belong to anything, any person, self or entity. Our thinking mind is a ceaseless flow of waves on the ocean of consciousness.  All manifestation arises as the birth of this vast openness. We are divine, expressing our nature in an endless succession of different forms.
None of these forms is inherently opposed to another. They rise and give birth to each other. Everything is causing everything. Or, as rapper Lauren Hill once sang: “everything is everything.” Openness cannot be identified or pinned down. It is the causeless cause of it all.  As our identity opens up apart from this imaginary entity called self, we begin to manifest divine openness. Openness lives through us. Openness becomes our identity. Openness is available to everyone right now. We need only stop for a moment and observe what arises. There are no limits to openness, it has no gaps whatsoever.
Even if we are in pain, the pain is a free expression of openness. We notice that openness accepts our pain. The sound of a flowing stream continues to express its nature whether our pain is there or not. The sun shines in its tranquility on all of our activities, whether we deem them good, bad or indifferent. If we identify with nature as our body, we can see our true identity as that of openness–the true dharma body of the buddhas. We can actually feel the essence of this human body and the essence of the world to be one hundred percent identical.
And even more amazing, we do not have to open at all to identify ourselves as this openness. As an expression of it, we are already as open as we are ever going to get. The awareness of this may be clouded by our clinging to the structure of mind, with its attendant fears and desires. Sitting still in meditation, we learn to cultivate a peaceful acceptance of the spirit of this openness. Ask for it continually.  It is there in your longing, it is there in your joy and in your pain. You may need to speak out your request at first. But gradually the awareness of your being, just as it is, becomes your asking. And your asking becomes God’s answer, the answer of divine openness.

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  1. Piro Papa May 20, 2015 at 11:50 am #

    Another inspiring article I just woke up from a long night work and it feels good to wake up to a massage like this thank you Roger I love you brother.
    Love and light

  2. Shokai May 20, 2015 at 12:29 pm #

    beautiful words and ideas once again to help me stay open to all there is in me and around me. In gassho, Shokai

  3. kimberly May 20, 2015 at 1:01 pm #

    The only words to respond to this post are “thank you”. Beyond that I am open awareness, emptiness dancing, joy and longing. Thank you, Thank you.

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